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We can write professional articles about your project or ICO. Our articles have over 900 words and in the process of writing them, we read the WhitePaper and we document more about your project. Sometimes, we might need to ask for extra details in order to include them in our articles. Our written review will analyze the concept behind your project, team and potential, in other words, a full ICO review. We also offer you the opportunity to promote your project on our YouTube channel. A video review will include all the relevant information from the written review and it will analyze the website of your project as well. It is best when we can also promote the people behind the project, to make it easier for our readers to gain a deeper insight into it. For this reason, we can interview one of the core members of your team. We also have a network of influencers and relevant media platforms and websites that we collaborate with. Our experienced marketing team promotes our materials on select Telegram groups of investors, LinkedIn, Facebook, Discord, Google+ and Twitter.


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