AeternumIt’s true that wealth inequality has always existed, no matter what the design of the society. Whether capitalist or communist, democratic, autocratic, or plutocratic, it will exist. Yet many of the extremes we see today are avoidable. They come as a result of an unlevelled playing field, the direct consequence of certain government policies.

Aeternum agrees with Libertation philosophy, that’s why we seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing on freedom of choice, voluntary association, individual judgment and self-ownership. Therefore using the opportunities provided by Blochchain technology, the Aeternum ecosystem is created as a free special economic zone with its own crypto currencies for mutual settlements, low tax system and a set of values in accordance to the Libertarian philosophy.


This is a knowledge-based ecosystem created for the scientific development and human interaction. It has the World’s First Science and Intellectual Property driven ICO. There are many Crowdfunding platforms in the world already but they all work based on Market Pull technologies which in turn do not offer anything unique. Aeternum will launch the first platform that is going to be Science Push driven and offers its investors unique and science based startups that promote development.

Their deep science based startups are already in the process with prototypes and real-world application product development stages. All of them have already gone through the research and testing stages and are ready for commercialization.

In addition, a new cryptocurrency called BitLats will serve as the pumping blood of the ecosystem bringing it to life and it will have real backing with intellectual property form the startup. BitLat increase in value will be ensured by deep science driven startups value in real-life applications. In this modern age, the convenience and speed is the key factor. It is important that all available information is in one place and today that medium is a smart-phone. For the successful functioning of the ecosystem an application and a virtual platform will be created.


Investment opportunities are only available to large corporations and rich elite. 99% of all the deep science startups belong to major research centers, which in turn are owned by large corporations, but not people. 86,2% of all worlds’ wealth is in the hands of 8,2% of the population and this difference is growing. The rest of 91,8% of people lives to fight for basic income.


Aeternum’s goal is to create a platform, through which every individual will be able to invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world. The platform will give the opportunity to invest in some of the greatest inventions, innovations, and discoveries that in the future might just change the world as you know it. The investment platform will be open to anyone owing Aeternum Token, not just a select group of investors, and no contribution will be too small to reap the return from deep science-based project realization.

They have more than 50 deep science innovation-driven startups that will be featured on their crowd-funding platform. Anyone can be part of innovations, which will change the world in future. Any people can select deep science innovations startup and invest in early level to help push a startup to the exit and get income from it. Real patents & IP will cover the investments. Also, prototypes will be available, as well. LIBERTARIAN AETERNUM FOUNDATION will reserve 20% of cryptocurrencies for share basic income between the communities.

Parties are protected by smart contract built on Blockchain technology that provides secure investments, smart management, and legal guarantees.


Aeternum ICO offers you to purchase ALF utility tokens. These tokens give you the right to participate in the development of Aeternum ecosystem. To take advantage of all the platform’s provided benefits you will need to exchange ALF tokens for BitLats – Aeternum ecosystem’s own crypto currency. The exchange rate will be set as 1:1 (1ALF : 1BitLats)

BitLats crypto currency will be created in the first stage of platform development. You will be able to operate with BitLats within the whole Aeternum ecosystem. This will include investing in science based startups, utilizing Aeternum Finance benefits and services, participation in Aeternum Smart City.

The Pre ICO phase is completed and the Soft Cap reached! From 01.09.2018
till 30.09.2018 the planned Token price will be not less than 0.02 EUR.


The project’s quality assurance is provided by Aeternum people (the team) who have created this project with their vast experience in scientific field, business management and development.

Igors Zlotnikovs – member of Council of Fund of Sciences – is the CEO of this project, and he works with an international team of experts.


The Aeternum ecosystem will begin with a crypto-token and blockchain technology platform. Then it will set up a network of physical cooperative workspaces where participants can work, meet, develop new startups and do research with Aeternum support – a smart city. This will resolve issues with blockchain and science start-ups that struggle to find affordable and suitable locations to house their business. Blockchain based solutions and Smart Contracts are the basic things that provide full transparency and control this ecosystem. The project has a clear legal form that manages this ecosystem. For more details about the project visit their website:

Aeternum means “eternal” and they are here to stay.




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