FintechFans – Fintech Job Board, Decentralized Marketplace and Decentralized Crowdsale

Financial Technology is relatively new, but blooming with each passing year. This has encouraged a new project build on top of the blockchain to create a bridge between people involved in this industry. FinTech Fans is aiming to bring together people on a platform that is job/services portal for people working in the fintech industry. The usage of the blockchain technology will eliminate third parties and connect people in a friendly, secure and transparent way.

The FintechFans Job Board

FintechFans eliminates the need to contact third parties and pay monthly fees to find the job that best suits your needs. After registering on the portal, the user can directly contact companies and individuals with job openings.

The FintechFans Decentralized Marketplace

According to their White Paper, FintechFan’s vision is to kindle financial innovation by uniting specialists and companies. Perfectly adapted to the needs of the FinTecn industry, FintechFans is a Job Board that comes with a Decentralized Marketplace, composed of four key elements.

The first one is closing the gap between job seekers and companies, by eliminating third parties, thus greatly reducing recruiting costs and making it easier for both parties to connect and prosper together.

The second one is focused on the review system that enables users to work with a value-deposit. As a part of the employer fee, every contract will come with a deposit. After the contract is done, both parties can provide feedback in the form of a review that will be visible to other users of the platform.

The third element consists in giving users the chance to receive peer-to-peer payments for performed services. FintechFans will use the Ethereum blockchain to provide fast and secure payments without the use of a third party.

The fourth element is focused on fees. Aside from the fees for placing an advertisement, there are no other extra fees. There are no pay-out fees regarding declared hours, completed projects or other forms of work.

The Token

At the core of Fintech Fans platform stands the FINC token that can be used to trade work related money. FintechCoin is an ERC20-compatible token built as a Smart Contract on top of the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Team

Behind Fintech Fans lies an experienced team with years of experience in the FinTech Industry. The CEO is a battle tested expert in the world of Finalcial Technologies. Marcel van Oost is the founder of several FinTech startups, such as Quantani.

The CTO is a creative workaholic. Wiebe-Marten Wijnja is a computer scientist in body and mind. He started working with Bitcoin in 2012 and after a couple of free-lance projects, he worked on the SatoshiCarnival Bitcoin casino.


In conclusion, FintechFans is a strong project backed by a powerful team of experts. Professionals can now connect with companies without the help of recruiters and other third parties. Aside from the reduced fees and taxes one needs to spend in order to find a proper job or employee, FintechFans creates a more open and connected community and brings more closeness to the Fintech Industry.

You can find out more about FintechFans by reading their WhitePaper and visiting their website:




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