Interview with the CEO, Co-Founder of LightPayCoin, Damon Bryant, PhD

Damon Bryant1. How did LightPayCoin start?

In early March, we with friends from different country, USA, Poland, Russia got together and decided to create a Lightpaycoin LPC.
A coin that will differ from others, simple use, multifunctionality, security, and most importantly a new technology of NFC contactless payments with the ability not only to pay for goods, but also cashing LPC through ATMs to dollars. euro and pounds. The LPC coins was launched on the markets 29 of May.

2. What is the vision behind LightPayCoin?

LightPay Coin LPCAs I said at the beginning, Lightpaycoin LPC is a new type of coin that combines the achievements and innovations of previous generations of coins. We did not just create a coin to bring it to the market, to stock exchanges or merchants.
We created a coin that would enable people and every coin owner in particular to feel its uniqueness. With daily use LPC people will be able to feel its advantages.


Pay utility bills and make purchases, through the application from Play Market for Android phone and IOS application for Iphones. pay cash (dollars. euro and pounds) from ATMs, using a contactless system, but the main feature of our coin is the constant and stable income of our investors 300$ daily income.

LPC card will have use system like has Wirex (tied to VISA and MasterCard. There will be a mobile application LPC, but you can also bind PayPal in future The card itself is locked for storage exclusively bitcoin, but we pllane integration with the exchanges like ShapeShift allows you to take a number of common crypto-currencies.

  1. Please tell us about the most important milestones of LightPayCoin.

Today, LPC coin is traded on three exchanges, CryptoBridge, Stocks.Exchange and Escodex in next week will be added SouthXchange.

Daily Volume reached 500.000$ and Marketcap is $3,183,842 dollars.

In July we will add market and in August LPC will be listed on Cryptopia

Every day we have new investors from around the world.

LPC marketing team has representatives in 7 countries at the moment. USA, UK, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN, INDIA  and this is only the beginning.
In this moment we are negotiating UCF partnership and several banks about launch LPC contactless ATMs and issues LPC bank cards.

LightPay Coin LPC

  1. What exactly is LightPayCoin and what makes it different from other cryptocurrencies?

I already answered this question a little earlier. The main difference of our LPC coin is The main difference of our coin is the ability to receive a constant stable income from the storage and use of coins, as for the storage and use of coins, laps owners receive deviants, and the coin rate remains stable due to the fact that the pre-mine was only 0.43% and our investors are interested in maintaining the high price of LPC because they influence the market value of the coin.

  1. What can you tell us about the masternode?

Masternodes are an important part of the world of crypto currency. The term hides special network nodes that confirm transactions and receive a reward for the work performed.

Purse LightPayCoin use in their work masternodes. These are special nodes that support the operation of the network, increase the speed of transactions, and also ensure the operation of user functions and decentralization. Also, in the LightPayCoin network, the wizards are used to perform anonymous or instantaneous transactions. In this case, transactions are conducted exclusively through the master codes. Using the master key increases stability and security of the network.

  1. How about the wallet?

For any operations with the crypto currency – buying, earning, receiving, selling – you need our wallet. It is a program that stores private keys to access your digital cash, balance information and allows you to make transfers in LPC coins. Our wallet has a simple and intuitive interface, with which absolutely any user can work. Also, our wallet has such built-in technologies as master codes and instant payment technology. When using our wallet, you can send and receive transactions in seconds, you do not need to wait a few minutes until all the confirmations of your transaction on the network have passed.

The security of our wallet is provided by the algorithm AES-256-CBC, which encrypts the file wallet.dat – where are all your coins. Yes, and I want to note that encryption of the wallet is not an obligatory process and by default the purse is not encrypted. However, you must understand that your coins that are stored in your wallet must be protected. Therefore, as soon as you download the purse, do not forget to take care of security and set your trusty password on the wallet.

7. How will LPC enable contactless payments from the mobile phone?

LPC contactless payments works use technology NFC, each LPC investor will be able to download the application in the Play Market and install it on the phone, from the end of summer or early autumn to pay for different goods, services or exchange lpc at ATMs for dollars, euros or pounds.

8. Can LightPayCoin be mined?

Whether it is possible to extract LightPayCoin by means of mining – is not present. We came to the conclusion that Proof-of-Stake (POS) technology in LightPayCoin is more secure, as well as environmentally friendly and less corrupt, compared to the Proof-of-Work (POW) algorithm that uses manners for coin mining.

  1. What can you tell us about the team?

LPC team consists of three developers: SEO Developer –I Damon Bryant, USA, Dallas, Front Developer-Founder Vladyslav Shatkovskij, Poland, Opole and Programmer Developer Wladimir Nagornij Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.

Also we have a very united and united team.

Each member of our team is responsible for the work done.

We have a team that is responsible for marketing, social media promotion, website team and programmer team, which develops and maintains our wallets,explorer and blockchain.

As you can see we launched new, attractive and modern website.

  1. What future plans do you have for LightPayCoin?

Our nearest plans for this Summer, as I said before LPC listing on and Cryptopia market, conclusion of contracts with several merchants and Bank. Issue of a payment card and activation of Android and iOS applications for contactless payments.

We started a successful cooperation with your website and yotube channel, also, more 25 youtube channel and Masternode statistics and cryptocurrency news websites.

Now we are shooting a film about LPC achievements for the month, the film will be released next week and you can watch it on our youtube channel.

LightPay Coin LPCLPC and UCF (University of Central Florida) will cooperate in the implementation of contactless payments using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology on phones Android and IOS, as well as the installation and launch of the first ATMs in the US. Best programmers from this University will work for improve LPC blockchain and other functions.UCF posted info on their official Twitter channel

Full info you can find on our Website also.

Launch date 29.05.2018

Name : LightPayCoin

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