Nicket, a new project built on top of Nihilo public blockchain

nicketAs an online marketer, you need to know a new way of promoting your business online. We all know online e-commerce platforms that developed over time and can help us further develop our business, but some of them are only popular in your region or country and we live in the age of globalisation. In the past years, thanks to the appearance of new technologies, the flaws of many projects from the virtual world were inovated into new and better projects, that will greatly improve our lives in the near future, especially as the world has shifted into a completely different direction.

Introducing Nicket

To start thinking global, we recommend you to try a secure and transparent new way of doing business, with the help of a new project, build on top of the blockchain technology. A new innovative project, coming from the founders of Nihilo Coin, makes its way in the cryptosphere. Nicket is the first decentralized marketplace, build on top of Nihilo public blockchain, where users can buy Nicket’s and enter raffles and competitions in order to win certain prizes. As more users will enter the raffle, the profit made by the hosts will increase, while the odds of winning for an user will decrease. Thanks to the usage of blockchain technology, competitions hosted on Nicket will be transparent and fair for both hosts and entrants.


How does it work?

At first, a user can find tickets for thousands of items near him. Afterwards, he can discover prizes and see the number of tickets issued, sold or available. To increase his odds, he can answer a question or buy more tickets. Before entering, a user can know his odds of winning, because a host will specify the price per ticket and the number of tickets issued. Each Nicket will have its own escrow address, which is locked until the contract is finished and the winner receives its prize.

It is easy to keep track of all the Nicket’s and see their status on the platform, thanks to their cutting edge technology and you can also see feedback thanks to their review system. There is also the possibility to earn daily rewards by performing simple tasks, such as inviting your friends on the platform or sharing a Nicket on your Facebook or Twitter in order to get a free entry tickets to Daily Bounty.

To use Nicket, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Buy NIHL using Bitcoin on
  3. If you do not have Bitcoin, you can  use fiat to buy it from or

You can find out more about Nicket on their website: 





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