Open Pakk Episode 1 ft Military Token and NextPakk community is expanding to Vietnam

DkPxbocU4AAi8hp.jpg_largeYou’ve already heard about the East India Company competitor, NextPakk, as the first delivery service based on blockchain technology. If you haven’t, feel free to check the article that we covered about it here.

Last week, we talked about NextPakk’s Public Pre-Sale that is live throughout August. They also announced the launch of NextPakk Telegram Quizzes, Open Pakk Q&A and an upcomming big external AMA.

During this weekend and the following 2 weeks, Next Pakk will be rewarding their community members for their ongoing support in some fun new ways. On Saturday, August 11th at 13:30 UTC, the Pakk AMA #4 will be live on their Youtube Channel. To thank their community for their support and ongoing involvement, they will be giving away 1000 PAKKA tokens to each participant that has a question answered during YouTube livestream. Each participant can ask up to 10 questions per AMA.

Open Pakk Q&A #1 will be hitting their YouTube Channel in the next two weeks. They will join their partner, Military Token and explore the project in detail and review their partnership together. The topic of the current Crypto climate in general will also be covered and you can find more information about this on their social channels.

Next Pakk community is also expanding to Vietnam and you can join their special dedicated Telegram Group for their Vietnamese Community, which is moderated by two Vietnamese Administrators.

Next Pakk is looking for Administrators to help them reach their growing Japanese community and those interested in joining them can send an e-mail to

On NextPakk Telegram Channel and Announcements Channel you can find more information about upcomming quizzes and you can learn how you can earn a handful of PAKKA tokens for participating.

To learn more about NextPakk’s Blockchain Solution, check their website for additional information.

NextPakk is currently undergoing ICO and you can apply for the Private Sale by joining the Whitelist here.




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