The Oryx Ecosystem is starting a new age Fintech revolution

You’ve already heard about the third generation Cryptocurrency, Nihilo Coin, the alternative payment solution designed to function in an open source blockchain that can enable instant payment between two peers through the third generation of PoS blockchain algorithm. Not only that, but two projects were already built on top of Nihilo public blockchain: Nicket, the first decentralized marketplace where users can buy Nicket’s and enter raffles and competitions in order to win certain prizes and Bartero, an innovative project that puts value on your social profile. If you haven’t, feel free to check the interview with the founder of Nihilo Coin, Ciprian Popa that we published here.

As we like to keep our readers informed and updated, we will bring an exciting update about the evolution of this already promising project. Nihilo Coin merged with Oryx, a project currently evaluated at about $65 million and starting July 15, the coin swap between Nihilo Coin and Oryx Coin was initiated. Nihilo is now part of the Oryx ecosystem and its founder, Ciprian Popa, is now the CEO and co-founder of the new project, with its team responsible for the technological development of this new venture.


Oryx is a complete financial ecosystem that aims to disrupt the VC industry by solving key problems faced by this Industry through creation of a decentralized crypto-economy. Its aim is to create a real-value tokenization by supporting startups and early stage companies and helping them rise the initial funding they need and create social value when they will grow to become the future employers of the world. The Oryxian Community utilizes a New Digital Economy that is engulfing the world with a new way to conduct Financial Transaction.

Key Products

The Oryx ecosystem represents the first integrated independent blockchain based model created to be backed by real value assets. Like Ethereum, Oryx is designed to host a range of decentralized applications and integrate with its own digital assets – OryxCash and utility token – OryxCoin, which is a 3rd Generation PoS open source cryptocurrency. The Blockchain platform is flexible, scalable and interoperable as a next generation platform and, unlike its competitor, Ethereum, OryxCoin and OryxCash are built specifically for investments within its own strictly controlled environment that invests on fundamentals and classical business value analysis.

The Oryx ecosystem is powered by a few key products, each of them unique in their own way.

OryxCash, the first ever completely asset derived security token that would serve as a long term asset. OryxCash is also the cryptocurrency of startups that will be used a tool for tokenizing the funding process for startups and early stage companies. OryxCash will also use an Artificial Intelligence layer developed by Oryx.


OryxCoin is a utility coin generated from the mining activities with multiple uses and earning methods: investing, staking or masternodes. Nihilo Public for OryxCoin is operated by masternodes which have collateral of 10.000 coins. Every block has a reward of 10 coins and 60% goes to masternode operators. Your masternode needs to be active all the time in order to be in the list of active masternode. The longer your masternode is active the higher the position in top list and the faster you get your rewards because you find blocks faster. Owning a decent number of OryxCoins can allow you to stake them and offer you a reward of 50%.


OryxPay is a hybrid crypto-fiat card that will operate on the Oryx blockchain in partnership with MasterCard under the crypto license of EAST Capital Ag from Geneva, a key partner of the project. OryxPay will be connected to the wallet holding OryxCash, OryxCoin and other major digital assets and it will support full disclosure of startups seeking funds and full reporting on funds invested and startups performance.

OryxCash ICO

Starting 20th August 2018, OryxCash will be undergoing ICO and if you choose to participate, you can benefit of 10% bonus OryxCash. You can find out more information about this on their website. The start of the ICO was previously delayed in order to finalize the swap between NIHL/ORYX.

This project has a lot of potential and their ICO could represent a great opportunity for many to make some profit and be a part of the change that will soon impact the entire crypto community.




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